Resources for Libraries

Conference Resources

  Conference Handout from the 2017 OLA Conference

View Financial Literacy @ Your Library as presented at the OLA Conference. You will learn:  why financial literacy is important, an overview of Financial Fitness @YourLibrary project, and other financial literacy resources and programming ideas.

Find more information on Financial Fitness, see Materials & Resources for links, tools, guidelines, curriculum, contact info and ideas.


Online Resources

laptopGo to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Library Resources  for program ideas, librarian training, marketing materials, webinars and videos.

See Smart Investing @ Your Library Training Modules for self-paced training modules on different money-related topics. CEUs are available for Oklahoma library staff from the Oklahoma Department of Libraries.


Program Planning

Use this form when planning your Financial Fitness series.


Summary of Curriculum

This outlines the six class topics that will be covered in the Financial Fitness classes. Curriculum was developed by the National Endowment for Financial Education.


Memorandum of Understanding Templates

Below you will find two examples for your use.  You can download the document and personalize with your library information. These will be used when arranging speakers and partnering with community members on the Financial Fitness project.


Promoting Your  Classes

Use these ideas when preparing and promoting your classes.

Download the example press releases and adapt them for your library program.

View the example radio PSA and add information about your library program.


Resource Sheet Templates

Download the following templates to use for your library’s Financial Fitness Resource Sheets. Fill them out with your local resources. Print and share in class and/or create a Financial Fitness display.

Bookmark Example 3-up |  DOC  |  PDF

Resource sheet- bookmark example


Poster/Flyer Templates

If you would like to use a template for your posters or flyers, download the following. Be sure you add your class information, like dates, times, contact info and if you are providing lunch or snacks for the class. Print and share in the library and/or other areas in your community.

Poster and flyer template

11 X 17 Poster   |   8.5 X 11 Flyer


FOLIO Evaluation Surveys

Please have participants complete the following Customer Satisfaction Surveys each week of your Financial Fitness series.


Reimbursement & Review

Use this form to receive reimbursement for expenses. Be sure to provide receipts, invoices and/or other supporting documentation,including the Program Review Form below.


Summary Example

When you are writing up the Summary of your workshop, you can use the following as an example. This was submitted by Altus and contains all pertinent information needed for a complete and meaningful Summary.

  • Example Summary  |  DOC  |  PDF


Successful Programs

Check out these pics from some of our previous Financial Fitness Workshops in Oklahoma! If you’d like to talk with someone who has had a successful program, contact or

Class held in Lawton
Instructor and Military Student in Lawton








Financial Fitness in McAlester
Teen Financial Fitness in McAlester
Financial Fitness in McAlester
Teen instruction in McAlester


Who do you contact for questions, reimbursement, evaluations, etc.? See the Financial Fitness librarian contacts.