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General Financial Fitness Resourcesdollar-city

America Saves (from Consumer Federation of America strategies for budgeting and saving)

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information  (money & credit, homes & mortgages, health & fitness, jobs & making money, privacy, identity & online security)

Financial Literacy Quiz

FINRA’s Market Data Center – Investor Data (assist investors with market and investment research, both through the market data information and provides calculator and tools for retirement, risk assessment, etc.)

Get Smart about Money (online courses, worksheets and quizzes)

Money Smart Computer-Based Instruction (FDIC) (available en Español)

My Money Five (discusses the five principles of money management – earn, save & invest, protect, spend and borrow)

Your Money, Your Goals (personal finance portal of the Financial Literacy and Education Commission)

Oklahoma Money Matters (personal finance education program and resources)

Money Smart (popular course about the basics of personal financial management)

Credit Reports and Credit Scores (Q&A consumer guide from the Federal Reserve Board of Governors)

Ask CFPB (impartial answers to your money questions from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)

EBSCO Online Resources (EBSCOhost) has these databases:

  • MasterFILE Premier [which includes magazines such as, Money and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance]
  • Regional Business News
  • Newspaper Source Plus
  • Small Business Reference Center

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Investinggrowing money out of the ground

Investor Education Modules (through FINRA) (U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission – lessons on investing – compound interest calculator)  (guidance on tracking spending, controlling debt, saving, protecting your money)

FINRA’s Investor Site (excellent place to begin when learning to invest, prepared by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority)

Roadmap to Saving and Investing (interactive site from the Securities and Exchange Commission covering all the basics)

How Stock Markets Work (explanation of how the markets work from the Securities and Exchange Commission)

Fast Answers for Investing (searchable database from the Securities and Exchange Commission)

Glossary of Investment Terms

FINRA’S Market Data Center

How to Research Individual Stocks – Tutorial    

Free Access to Corporate Information Filed with the SEC

Beginner’s Guide to Financial Statements

Advanced Investing Topics

What to Do If a Broker Calls to Pitch an IPO

Analyzing Analyst Recommendations

Brass Business Guide, Company and Industry Research

International Real Estate Network  With Free Access to Market Research Reports

U.S. Census Bureau’s Industry Statistics Portal

Electronically Buy and Redeem Treasury Securities Directly from the U.S. Department of the Treasury


How to Invest

calculatorLearning to Invest – Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s Investor Site

FINRA Investing Podcasts 

Roadmap to Saving and Investing (interactive site from the Securities and Exchange Commission covering all the basics)

Key Investing Concepts

Primer on Mutual Funds

401k Investing Guide and Fund Analyzer

How Stock Markets Work (explanation of how the markets work from the Securities and Exchange Commission)

Investment Education

Learning How to Invest – Fast Answers

eXtension – Free Online Courses on Basic Investing Concepts

eXtension – Investing in Your Future

Free Webinars on Personal finance

Five Questions to Ask Before You Invest

Money Management Game | Moneytopia


Banks or Credit Union

BankFind (identify banks insured by the Federal DIC-insured banking institutions)

Comparing Banks and Credit Unions

Credit Union Locator

EDIE (accurate electronic deposit insurance estimator – FDIC) (National Credit Union Administration – regulates credit unions and manages deposit insurance)


SavingMoney Jar

Assess Your Savings Plan

Choose to Save (for long-term personal security – Employee Benefit Research Institute) (guidance on tracking spending, controlling debt, saving, protecting your money)

Saving on a Tight Budget



What Is Credit?

How Your Credit Score Impacts Your Financial Future

Money and Credit (basics of borrowing, credit and debt management)

Credit and Loans (getting credit, credit reports, credit and debit  cards, loans)

Checking Your Credit Report (en Español)

Your Credit History

What Is a Credit Report?

Credit Reports and Credit Scores (Federal Reserve)

Where Do Credit Bureaus Get Their Information?

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy (American Institute of CPAs – credit card optimizer and accelerated debt payoff )

Ask Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (find answers to questions on a variety of credit topics)

Getting Auto Loans

Federal Government Loans (small business, agricultural, student, veteran, housing)

Credit Cards for Bad Credit (find out more about credit cards available if you have a low credit score)

Home Purchase or Rent?money house

Rent vs. Buy (Freddie Mac)

Rent vs. Buy Calculator

Rent vs. Buy Tax Savings Calculator

Choose the Mortgage Option for You

Understand Loan Options

Know Before You Owe – Mortgages (en Español and many other languages)

How Can I Figure Out If I Can Afford to Buy a Home?

Tips for Homebuyers

Answers to Questions about Mortgages

Shopping for Your Home Loan – Settlement Cost Booklet

Reverse Mortgage

Issues Relating to Home Loans (Federal Reserve)

Reverse Mortgage Counseling Services

Home Equity

Use Your Home to Stay at Home

Buying a Home

Know Your Options (Fannie Mae)

Making Home Affordable

Mortgage Calculator

Rental Listing Scams



Seniors on benchFinancial Protection for Older Americans

Money Smart for Older Americas

Managing Someone Else’s Money

Planning for Retirement: Before You Claim

Money Smart for Older Adults

Scams Targeting Older Adults

Home Equity

Use Your Home to Stay at Home


Estate Planning

Glossaries of Terms for Estate Planning

Estate Planning Info and FAQs

Do I Need Estate Planning?

Revocable Trusts

Introduction to Wills

Estate Planning: Wills, Trusts & Probate

When Does Estate Planning End? (Video)

Too Busy to Make a Will? Think Again

Guidelines for Individual Executors and Trustees

Checklist for Executors

How an Estate is Settled If There is No Will: Intestate Succession

Power of Attorney

What is a Power of Attorney?

Shopping for Funeral Services

Planning Your Own Funeral

National Institute on Aging On-line Publications- Advance Care Planning

Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA) (fact sheets)

Where to Find My Important Papers (Worksheet Template)

Making a Will: Are Lawyers Optional?

Living Wills and Medical Powers of Attorney

Simple Will Form (Sample from California)



Preparing for Retirement

Ballpark E$timate® (helps you quickly identify approximately how much you need to save to fund a comfortable retirement – Choose to Save®)

Planning for Retirement: Before You Claim

Social Security Administration Retirement Planner

Prepare for Your Financial Needs Primer

Other Retirement Planning Websites

Employment to Retirement- Resource on Retirement Plans

Time Is On Your Side-Retirement Tips for Young Employees

Taking the Mystery Out of Retirement Planning

Retirement Toolkit

Retirement Plans for Self-Employed People

Choosing a Retirement Solution for Your Small Business

Guidebook to Help Late Savers Prepare for Retirement

Managing Retirement Income

Fast Answers on Investing for Retirement

Early Retirement Seminars 101-Retirement Scams

Life Expectancy Calculator

Retirement Age Calculator

Retirement Estimator

Retirement Glossary Terms


Planning for Retirement

Employment to Retirement (retirement investing questions answered by the Securities and Exchange Commission)

401(k) Investing (comprehensive guide from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority)

Retirement Planner (site from the Social Security Administration to help beginners get started)

Ballpark E$timate (calculate how much you need to save for retirement)

Time Is on Your Side (retirement savings tips for young employees)


Social Security

Social Security Benefit Planners

Social Security Benefit Calculators

Quick Calculator

When to Start Receiving Retirement Benefits

Retirement Age Calculator

Are You Ready to Apply for Your Benefits?

What Documents Will You Need When You Apply?

How You Apply for Benefits

Applying for Medicare Only

Getting Starting with Medicare

Suspending Retirement Benefits Payments

Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015-“claim and suspend” spousal benefits

Important Information for Same-Sex Couples Guide

Publication 915-Social Security and Equivalent Railroad Benefits

Are My Benefits Taxable? An Interactive Tax Assistant

Seniors and Retirees Guide

My Retirement Paycheck-Income Guide


Service Members and Veterans (guidance on tracking spending, controlling debt, saving, protecting your money – special section for military families)

Resources for Servicemembers and Veterans

World of Cents

Government Loans for Veterans, Military Center (tools and information especially for military service members and their families)

Education Benefits for Veterans (comprehensive information from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs)


Students & Education

Student Aid (information on grants, loans, work/study)Cap on the stack of dollars

Students and Young Consumers (information on understanding loan repayment options)

Paying for College

Money Smart for Young People (different modules for kindergarten through 12th grade)

Games and Activities

Government Loans for Education (the starting point for seeking financial aid for higher education)

Scholarship Search Tool (noncommercial site sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor)

Smart Saving for College (resource from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority that is particularly strong on tax-advantaged college saving options)

College Costs – Net Price

Tax Benefits for Education

U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs-Education and Training Section

U.S. Department of Education-Grants and Scholarships Section

Department of Labor-Free Scholarship Search Tool

Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Federal Trade Commission: Choosing a Vocational School

Department of Labor’s Career Search Tool


Kids and Money

The National Center for Preschool Development Grants Birth Through Five (PDG B–5 TA Center) has released a new resource. The Early Childhood Finance Toolkit is intended for those within states, territories, and Tribes who are responsible for thinking about financing early childhood (EC) programs.

Creating and sustaining a coordinated EC system requires a focus on sustainable financing. The Early Childhood Finance Toolkit is a collection of tools, guidance, and resources for key EC stakeholders within states, territories, and Tribes who want to learn more about different aspects of financing. This toolkit is curated to provide these key stakeholders with the guidance and support they need as they develop a more comprehensive and aligned fiscal system in multiple EC settings.

Allowances – The Issues – Tips for Parentschildren playing together

Allowances Trial and Error Money Management – Tips for Parents

Answer Teen Questions about Paycheck

Career Exploration

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (questions about teaching children financial concepts)

Young Children and Money Skills

Econ Lowdown and Personal Finance

Financial Forms Explained – Personal Finance

Gen i Revolution (personal finance simulation game from the Council for Economic Education)

Help Teens Start a Credit History

Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy

Love Your Money  (college students and money management)

Money As You Grow

Money As You Grow Book Shelf

Money Management for Children (kindergarten through fifth grade)

Money Management for Teens

Money Milestones

Money Smart for Young People (different modules for kindergarten through 12th grade)

My Green (Native American youth on managing trust funds)

National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education

Occupational Outlook Handbook (career information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Department of Labor)

Online Personal Finance Game (middle and high school students)

Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Should I Request Credit Reports for My Children

Social Security – Kids and Families

Social Security Numbers for Children

Teens and Money – Save and Invest

Teens and Young Adults (activities include college scorecard, family members’ jobs, what’s on a stub)

Treasury Direct KIDS (video and games for children)

Understanding Taxes for Students

World-of-Cents Game (for ages five and up to teach the value of money)


Difficult Times

Broken Piggy BankBankruptcy

Benefit and Assistance Programs (Your Path to Government Benefits)

Benefit Finder (Your Path to Government Benefits)

Benefits – Frequently Asked Questions (

Complaints about Financial Products or Services

Coping with Debt (Federal Trade Commission)

Credit Counseling Services by State (U. S. Dept. of Justice)

Find a Housing Counselor (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) (National Flood Insurance Program)

Housing Finance Agencies by State (National Council of State Housing Agencies)

Job Loss  — Job Dislocation: Managing the Financial Impact of Unexpected Job Loss (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) – In Español 

Job Seekers/Unemployed  (U.S. Dept. of Labor)

Making Home Affordable (U.S. Dept. of Treasury)    In Español

Mortgage Help (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)

Rental Assistance (U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development)

Retirement Planner (Social Security Administration)


Food and Nutrition SNAP – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture)

SNAP Retail Locator


America’s PrepareAthon  (FEMA – increase community preparedness and resilience)

Disaster Master – preparedness game for children (Federal Emergency Management Agency) (prepare, plan, stay informed – U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security)

Student Loans

Avoiding Default (Federal Student Aid)

Deferment and Forbearance (Federal Student Aid)

Disputes on Student Loans

Forgiveness, Cancellation, and Discharge (Federal Student Aid)

Student Loans (how to repay your federal student loans – Federal Student Aid)


Fraud Prevention, Fraud Center  (interactive tools and information to counter fraud tactics)

Identity Theft Guide  (practical information and step-by-step guidance from the Federal Trade Commission)   (federal government website dedicated to online safety)

Scams & Safety   (FBI site to help consumers avoid victimization)

Eldercare Locator   (service of the U.S. Administration on Aging to connect families to help for older adults)



weather360 Degrees of Financial Literacy


Long Term Care Insurance

Medline Plus – Health Insurance

National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)


Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

Insurance for Kids

Life Insurance Guide

Affordable Care Act Insurance and


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